Thursday, February 12, 2015

little boys in the fort

About a month ago Evie was trying to make a blanket fort but it kept falling apart. I had pity on her and set up this much superior tent in the schoolroom's corner between the piano and couch. It's stayed there well over a month even though Ezra keeps pulling it apart. I just keep fixing it. It works really well to entertain the littles while I do school with the olders. 

What is Ezra doing, you may ask...?

He's playing peek-a-boo with a hidden Samuel! Usually the two blankets are connected, but since they had torn it down so many times that day, I just let it be.

 Ezra likes to climb up on the piano bench and drive cars on the piano. But here I think he's playing keep-away-from-Samuel. These two fight so much together that it just warms my heart when they play nice. 

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