Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mexico/L.A. trip

Terry has a heart for missions. His trip to Macau, China as an 18 year old, changed the trajectory of his life. Prior to that trip he planned on becoming an engineer and being set for life. After that trip, he wanted to be a missionary. And that's what he went to school at Moody for - Teaching English as a Second Language and Missions. The thing was, he didn't want to go alone. So he stayed in Chicago to work and eventually went to grad school, right before he met me. He realized one of the reasons he had done so well in Macau and on mission trips in general was because he was gifted with students. So now he's essentially a missionary at home - a youth pastor. It fits him perfectly and he works extremely hard. 

Terry wants other kids to be able to have an experience like he did. Experiencing a different culture and seeing God at work there can change a person for the better. And so, this summer, he's taking this group to Mexico and L.A.

This will be his second trip, the first being with Gburg back in 2011. It's kind of crazy that I didn't do a blog post from his perspective of his two week actual trip. All I did was post my experience from back at home in Rapid while he was gone. 

Anyway, Terry took about 30 people from Gburg on this same trip and is doing it again. They're waist deep in preparations for the trip: fundraising by letters and brown bags have already taken place, and a chili feed and a dinner theater are coming up. It's going to be a very busy couple months around here!

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