Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Evie's late night

A couple weeks ago Evie was invited to a Rush hockey game by her friend Michaela. Her folks Matt and Amanda (with whom we saw U2 in 2011) are friends of ours from back in the day. We used to be in the same small group before we moved to Gburg. Then they were in our connection group last past fall. And they live only blocks away! Crazy.

Anyway, Evie and Michaela are the same age and since Matt scored some Rush tickets, they took Evie and we took their youngest daughter Sydney. Matt and Amanda even bought them cowbells to cheer with.

It was something like kids night so all the kids got a free jersey. That'll come in handy for Awana sports night. Evie had a good time and got to stay up past 10pm. Lucky her! We wanted Noah to have some fun staying up late too so we let him watch Spiderman 2 with us (the original, yo. I don't much care for the new ones). 

Go Rush! Oh wait, they lost...

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