Monday, February 23, 2015

dishwasher breakdown

On February 8th, Terry and I were suddenly, rudely and unnecessarily awakened at 3am by our malfunctioning smoke detector. And then we couldn't fall back asleep. 

Ever since we demolished the fireplace last summer, the stupid thing goes off in random spurts, though this was a first for the middle of the night. We'd done everything possible to fix it (a new battery and thorough vacuuming) but now it's permanently disconnected from the wall until we buy a new one.  Go, go gadget Menard sales!

In addition, our stovetop and dishwasher had been malfunctioning as well. The stove only cooks on high. So that will have to be fixed, eventually. Just add it to our tab.

That same weird and expensive night another house appliance bit the dust: Our dishwasher. When we got up the next morning, rather bleary eyed and grumpy, we found that our dishwasher had been running all night. Terry took it apart to determine if it could be fixed or not. Perhaps it could but he decided it wasn't worth it since it was so old and something else was bound to break anyway (it came with the house). Terry hauled it out to the back deck and we cleaned up the dishwasher gap. Ezra fit in there pretty nicely.

Two's company Noah...

Whenever he could find the time that week, Terry shopped around for new dishwashers and discovered they are rather expensive. I could wait until we found something for a decent price. After all, I was the dishwasher growing up, so it wasn't a huge deal to have to go back to hand washing. Things could be a lot worse! It was just kind of a hassle. 
Bye bye old dishwasher

On Thursday of that week, with the help of Terry's co-worker and friend Paul, we found a good dishwasher on closeout which we were able to get further reduced for 10% off. But of course Lowes gets you with additional fees, despite the "free installation." Anyway, the installation guy was here last week and got it hooked up. It's nice to have a dishwasher besides myself again. 

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