Sunday, February 22, 2015

will it float?

A couple weeks ago Noah and Evie were reminiscing about how fun it was when we used to do science projects. Yeah, I kind of got out of the habit because I feel like the rest of school is enough work and therefore, theory is enough for now. Plus, I hate crafts. Perhaps that's because of one of my earliest memories: My folks must have taken me to try out a preschool but never took me back again after I had a meltdown over not being able to cut paper with those stupid safety scissors. Sounds like Samuel...

Anyway, when we did school last week they suggested a very simple experiment. And I took a photo even though it was totally not a big deal. But now my kids know that salt water floats things better than plain water. 

Plain tap water vs 10 teaspoons of salt added to tap water. It floats!

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