Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Han/Terry rug

How do I have love thee (this photo)? Let me count the ways...

Firstly, this Han Solo rug is awesome! Also, Terry cracks me up, pretending to be frozen just like Han. Samuel cracks me up laying on his daddy he loves so much. Evie cracks me up with her trademark goofy face. Noah doesn't really crack me up, but you can see how sweet he is. And Ezra just wants to be part of the action.

Some friends from church gave Terry and I this rug for Christmas. I LOVE IT! They know we are sci fi nerds and were so thoughtful as to buy accordingly. This is Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, from The Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars of course - I love those movies! Here's a clip for you who have zero idea what I'm even talking about.

I took this photo b/c Terry was going over to our friends (who gave us this rug) that night and I wanted them to see where we put it and how much we love it. It was the evening of my first day of work but I couldn't go since Ezra was pretty sick.

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