Monday, March 4, 2013

dungeon makeover - part 2

 Time for a dungeon update. It's been a month and Terry has got some good stuff accomplished. 

Two weeks ago I had jury duty. Ug. Terry spent two mornings home with the kids and worked on framing up the utility room.
The utility room is to the left. You can see where the door will go, behind which we'll store some toys, games and other stuff.

Here's the framed utility room from the opposite corner of the room. This side of the room will be where our big couch sits and the tv will be on that utility wall. 

A better shot of where the utility room is situated in the dungeon.  

Isn't it beautiful? I think it is. But that's not all Terry's done. He spent all day Friday anchoring the framing into the concrete and ceiling. Those walls don't move now and they're ready for wiring and then insulation and drywall. Right now I'm basking in this accomplishment, though I know Terry is already thinking forward to his next steps (he was starting into space this morning at breakfast and said he was thinking about the dungeon). Hopefully we will be about done in 3 months time when the baby arrives.

Finishing the last anchors! Oh yeah!

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