Friday, February 1, 2013

dungeon makeover - part 1

As I've mentioned before (and here), our house has 4 levels, the bottom-most of which is unfinished. Turns out, we kinda need the space - what with #4 on the way and our living space pretty much maxed out whenever we have any amount of students over (our Monday study is packed). So Terry and his dad had the brilliant idea to turn the upper third portion of our garage into a storage area so we could  get all our stuff out of there and start working on the dungeon.

And now that the garage storage is done and packed full, Terry and his dad have spent the last two Fridays starting work on the dungeon. They started with framing the north street facing wall, which you can see here. 

Today they finished the west wall...

And the south wall! They knocked it out and it looks great. I am so excited to have this space, though of course, there is a ton left to do. I think the next portion to be done is framing off the utility room. Then of course we have to figure out heating and electrical. Not to mention dry wall and a drop ceiling. And carpet and paint. But after all that, we are so looking forward to chillin down here.

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