Friday, February 15, 2013

dare to share 2013

 It's hard to believe that it's already been a week since Terry and I went to Dare to Share in Lincoln, NE. But believe me, it's taken that long to recover from the whirlwind exhaustion. 

This was Terry's sixth trip, but only the first with our new Rapid City group (I only have blog posts from 2010 and 2011 for some reason...). It was my third trip, but the first of which whilst being nearly 7 months unattractively pregnant and nine hours away. So it was good news that we took a very comfortable charter bus where we didn't have to worry about inclement weather (our bus driver was awesome and kept us safe over some treacherous snow packed roads where I was sure we were in trouble).

Here are the fearless leaders: Seth, Jackie, me, Terry, Meghan and Paige. I love these people! Oh, and do you think Jackie and I look alike? She's been confused for Terry's wife several times...

Here is our group in front of the capitol. We took 27 students. They were a great group.

Jump! I didn't of course - just sort of threw my arms up so I looked really silly.

Here's Greg Stier, the funny twitchy little guy that founded Dare to Share. Which, in case you were wondering, is a weekend youth conference all about "passionately pursuing Christ, boldly proclaiming Him and recklessly abandoning the things keeping us from Him." The students (and leaders!) were trained how to share their faith and challenged to do so through text messaging and striking up a conversation with a stranger in the mall. I was very impressed with how the students did. I actually initiated a conversation this year too!

Our band was called Everfound and they were pretty good. Terry used their song in the video.

I didn't want to miss this trip even though I knew it would be kinda grueling. I wanted to get to know our students better, but also see our friends from Gburg, who were taking 100 students along. We stopped at a Runza for lunch since it's only a Nebraska chain. Oh, how I love and miss that place!

Here is about the only decent shot of me I could find. My face is already swelling and I have a long way to go!

 Photobomb by Meghan. Perhaps it's distracts from our pretty silly expressions.

Our friend Faith designed the shirts, which turned out awesome. Terry can't print them anymore because he has no where to set up his printing press. It's really a blessing since it's so much extra work on top of everything else. 

Terry shared his faith like this... 

And here is the video! A huge thanks to both of our parents for watching our three kiddos (one of them who was sick!) so I could go along!

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