Monday, February 18, 2013


Terry received an espresso maker from his parents Christmas of 2011. So when it seemingly busted about a month ago, we figured our yummy mocha habit had been good while it lasted. 

It was actually a funny thing because the night the machine bit the dust just so happened to be the same night we invited some friends over for the express purpose of having Terry's mochas. He ended up having to use the microwave! Fail.

So the machine broke. He searched the owner's manual for cleaning hints and tried running vinegar through the thing several times. No good. He called the company and they instructed him to insert a paper clip into the metal steaming wand thing to see if it would dislodge anything. No good.

Finally, he took a good utility knife to it so he could see what was inside!

And sure enough, wouldn't you know that he found a small nick or hole in the plastic tubing leading down to the steaming wand! That's what had messed up the pressure so he couldn't steam milk anymore. So he ran all over town looking for the appropriate replacement tubing, or even something close but came up with nothing. Still not willing to give up, he thought he'd try to work with the tubing above where the hole had been and finally had success, even if it is a little awkward. :) We're back in business baby!

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