Friday, February 1, 2013

Samuel is 2!

Today was the day Samuel was born two years ago. It seems like he should only be one year old but I guess time seems like it goes quicker and quicker every year. 

I vividly remember Samuel's birth and the first days surrounding his life. The weather was very similar to what it has been this week - frigid. He was in the hospital with jaundice for four days (I wish our #4 baby boy would skip the whole orange/bili-blanket thing, but after 3 of them, I doubt it). He sure looks like himself here doesn't he? Perhaps he's not digging the swaddling. He doesn't like being restrained. Brushing his teeth goes better if I don't hold him down - a trick I've only recently discovered.

 But after looking through the last year's photos, I guess it really has been a year and he's grown so much. I remember he was super grumpy for last year's birthday, his first. Perhaps it was because his birthday was the day we started telling our G-burg friends we were moving back to Rapid City.

This photo is from the end of last February when we had his first or second haircut. I love his long hair, and that's why it's like that again now. He's got such a cute little face!

Samuel became known as Destroyer Baby after many tricks like this at the beginning of April. He took apart the screen door hinge. He looks so pleased about it too.

We visited the Outdoor Campus West shortly after we moved in late April. He's still wearing his first baby shoes. Nice socks as well.

By the end of May we finally got him some new shoes while we were living at my grampa's house. I love this photo of Samuel stranded on a ledge, scared for his life. 

At the end of June Samuel had Hand, Food and Mouth Disease. Poor little face.

Mid-July was hot hot hot and we played on the slip n slide quite a bit to cool down. Samuel had a grumpy face after he fell down.

Fast forward to the end of September for our fall drive through Spearfish Canyon. Bring on the long hair again! He's too cute. His bottom row of teeth filled in after this.

And by January, he was so big that he could roll himself around on the flying turtles. 

He's two now! We had his birthday party this last Sunday with his cousin Grace. Talk about a delicious cake, thanks to my sister and pinterest and the back of the Hershey's cocoa box.

He's got such an intense look about him, doesn't he? Looks just like the first photo from this post. He has been loving his Transformer gift because it's similar to big brother's. He wants to be just like Noah and Evie.
Our family sure has enjoyed having mischievous little guy Samuel around. He's a lot of fun and we love him like crazy. Happy #2 Little Face!

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