Monday, February 4, 2013

snowman with daddy

When we had to bust out our old camera for Samuel's birthday when our new one ran out of battery, I found some old photos I didn't know existed. These are from December 7, 2012. I have no idea what went on that day. It was a Friday and for some reason Terry was outside with the kids and I was...hiding? Christmas shopping? I have no idea where I was.

Making snow men with daddy has become the thing to do when it snows. But for some reason they think they have to demolish the poor thing right after they make it. That's what they did this day too. But they did do something different with the last leftover snowman mound. They played king of the mountain on it until Daddy fell and hurt his back.

What a handsome boy. However, I hope he didn't throw snow at the camera. Yeah, and Noah is wearing Samuel's hat. Another clue that mommy wasn't around.

Little squish is still cute even if she has homeless hair. Again, mommy wasn't around. You can always tell when that is based on the state of Evie's hair.

And, finally, behold Samuel in Evie's hat and old mittens. Poor kid looks legitimately like a girl.

Snowman even has a hat! Perhaps we'll find a place to put that stepping stone this summer...

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  1. I love it! The outfits are awesome, and that snowman is QUITE impressive.