Thursday, February 14, 2013

science - water mix-ins

Terry and I were traveling to Lincoln, NE last weekend for Dare 2 Share. As such, we are a little behind on school and I didn't get to our science experiment until today, almost a week later.

Today we learned about how water mixes well with some things and not with others and how sometimes it can be separated and not so with others. I think they had more fun stirring stuff up than learning, but oh well. They especially enjoyed when I added blue to the red food coloring.
left to right is 1) oil, 2) sand, 3) flour, 4) valentine candy, 5) food coloring. 

Noah striking a pose in front of the oil and sand sieving glasses. He looks so...debonair? Sleepy?

This picture is pretty much the reason I decided to post photos. The candy heart just looked so cool as the water dissolved it. Perhaps Evie understood the premise because the next time she ate a candy heart, she did not chew it. She just sucked it. She kept pulling it out and looking at how "flat" it was getting.

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