Monday, February 18, 2013

ice skating II

 One of the fun things about being in a homeschool coop is the activities that come along with it. On Friday we were able to go ice skating downtown for free! The kids had such a fun time on their first outing a month ago that they were eager to go again. And it was nice that mommy and Samuel got to go along this time to watch.
Noah, Evie and daddy first hitting the ice. 

They all quite enjoyed watching the Zamboni.

Despite what the kids say, they did fall a few times. But those walker things sure were helpful.

Pretty little Evie. When she fell she'd just sort of disappear behind her walker until she could pull herself back up.

Every time Noah went by, he gave Samuel a high five. Noah and daddy thought that since Noah was doing so well that he should try skating without his walker. That didn't work out so well but he didn't get discouraged.

At one point towards the end Samuel led me over to the coffee shop and just sat down inside. I don't know if he was cold or what. But then he led me over to the counter where he tried to grab stuff so I led him out and took some photos of him. Cute little face!

He's just so cute. And such a punk.

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