Thursday, February 14, 2013

destroyer baby strikes again

Samuel is known by a few nicknames around here. Recently I've been calling him Little Face because I love his little face so much and he's so stinking cute. But today he reminded me (as if I needed reminding) of why we also call him Destroyer Baby.
Case in point - he attempted to destroy the camera I had propped up on the dresser to take my six month pregnancy photo. 

A couple weeks ago I was on my own with Samuel for a morning while daddy took the other two to Menards. The point: Big brother and sister were not around to keep an eye on Samuel while I took a shower. I thought, foolishly, "Surely he can't get into that much trouble in ten minutes." Pshaw!

When I descended the stairs ten, maybe fifteen minutes later, Terry and the kids were home and Noah and Evie were yelling simultaneously for me to come and see the various messes Samuel had made. The worst being the entire container of cornmeal that he dumped out on the floor and corner cupboard (while I cleaned up the cornmeal, I found more popcorn kernels that he had dumped there previously - so that cupboard got a good vacuuming). He also shook out a large box of Lipton tea bags on the kitchen floor. From there he moved on to the Nilla Wafers, which he dumped out for good measure. When I went downstairs later, not even thinking he had been down there, I found that he had got into a math homeschool box and tore everything out. Ten minutes people!

This photo from nearly a year ago completely captures his Destroyer Baby Curious George shenanigans. 

Oh, and on a different day, he got into a box of Triscuits crackers while we were doing school and dumped them all over the couch and floor in his quest for snackage (Snap enjoyed that venture). He also frequently gets into the game drawer with cards, etc. and makes a mess of that. He scavenges the buffet drawer which has random things in it like ear buds. He took some of those out of Terry's bag and destroyed them on Monday.

Even Terry's sister has had to deal with it. She watched them last week for a baby appointment (because obviously we can't bring HIM with us). As I was headed back to pick them up, Shari texted me a photo of the complete mess he had made of her living room. She knows what I'm talking about now.

I swear, it's like having a dog. No, an untrained puppy, but worse. A couple weeks ago Snap did get into the garbage, consume a huge amount of beef fat and proceed to throw and poop it up the next two nights in his kennel. Samuel is worse because he's potty training...

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  1. Nice! He IS talented!! He and Ali should never meet.