Wednesday, February 13, 2013

superbowl party

So we had our first Superbowl youth party at our house February 3. Who was even playing? 49ers and Ravens? I always forget. But it was fun. It's neat to have people over and sort of "break in" the house. Though of course, we hope they don't literally break our house. 

We had one group on the big couch downstairs. 
playing wii mariokart and not watching Beyonce during half time

And another group upstairs. We (okay, mostly me) are really looking forward to having the dungeon space available for more seating. The big couch is pretty darn crowded into that room. But the kids did have fun on their flying turtles (no big kids allowed though because something would get broken).

Our friends Marcus and Jackie brought their four kids for the fun, which took care of my kids and theirs since they mutually kept each other busy having even more fun. Noah looks so serene with Eli.

Evie and Aly are good buds. They are almost the exact same age and play so well together. Evie is much more social than Noah. Or Samuel. I think it's mostly a girl thing.

Case in point? Samuel and JT appear to be playing together, but they're really playing next to each other. That's normal for two year olds, but I think Samuel will end up being more like Noah when it comes to social situations (Noah is more aloof).
Samuel is like "My wall track"

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