Thursday, March 14, 2013

dungeon - part 3, egress window

Terry had made up his mind that he wanted to get a building permit for the dungeon before he went any further with electrical work. When he went down to their office, they informed him that he had to have an egress window installed in any living area. Even if it wasn't a bedroom. 

So he came home, decided that's precisely what he was going to do and I helped him measure and decide where the new window would go. I think it's great, aside from the added expense. It'll help the dungeon no longer be a dungeon!

The window is going to go under the front deck because that's the easiest place for it to go (won't have to cut up the back deck or dig down as far):

As you can see, he got straight to work. That day. I was so proud.
moving rock

And this is about how far he got in a hour, after which we had to leave to visit some friends. He was already about half way down!
pretty red dirt

The next day our friend Damon (and son Henry) was kind enough to come and help him out with the digging. Here he is shaking his head as he watches Terry dig farther than he needs to due to his extreme perfectionism coming in to play regarding the hole not being perfectly square or level. Come on!

Henry and Evie in the pit of despair.

And here's Noah in there so you can see how deep it is. We've been talking to contractors all week and getting bids, trying to decide how to move forward. Either we will hire a guy to cut the concrete for us and Terry will install the window. Or we will hire someone to do it all. I'm betting Terry will end up doing it because of his perfectionism. But we shall see!

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