Tuesday, March 5, 2013

monster trucks

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but Noah has this new great interest in monster trucks. I think it's as a result of Grampa B recording monster truck shows on his tv for Noah to watch when they're at the ranch. Evie is less into them. In fact, she groaned when they put one on to watch last time we were out there. So I thought she would not be interested in going to the monster truck show at the civic center last weekend with daddy and Noah. I was wrong. 

Daddy took Noah and Evie to the monster truck show! Terry texted me during intermission to say that he didn't remember the place being so small. Guess he's all grown up now. We did mutually think it was a little lame there was no dirt to cover the cement. I guess it made the motorcycle stunts that much more impressive. 

Here's some proof they were there. What's the deal with not starting a kid thing like that until 8pm? They didn't even get to bed until after 11! Also, they are totally right on in their marketing of kid sized ear muff protective thingies. Terry took little squishy ear plugs for them but had a hard time getting them in their ears. As a result Evie got lots of Ring Pop sucker in her hair from covering her ears and they were both were pretty jealous of all the other kids in the place whose parents shelled out $10 a piece for the lame thingies. They survived and had a great time.

I think this was one of the best happenings on the night. Terry had to show me this photo before we went to bed (late). They had to use a crane to get it right side up. But he was also very impressed with the motorcyclists. Evie liked best the pink car who won a race.

Close up

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