Tuesday, March 19, 2013

dance party

You may not be able to tell exactly what my three kids are doing based on this photo alone, besides that they all appear to be in motion. Yeah, they're in motion alright. They're dancing. 

I was just hanging out in the kitchen, on the computer, like a bad mom, and the kids just threw together this impromptu dance party. It was awesome. Of course, they were dancing to last year's VBS, which was Go Fish. Not my favorite band. But their favorite band. It was so cute because Samuel was joining in doing his version of their twitchy little dance moves. So cute.

And it made me smile. I had wretchedly awful sleep last night and was moving really slow this morning. My kids are so great. They didn't bug me or whine at all. They've done a wonderful job of entertaining themselves all day today. I worked out (late), we ate lunch (late), we got school done (late) and I now finally have some time to myself. And I gotta say, I love my kids. They really are great.

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