Tuesday, August 28, 2012

go fish

Last year's VBS curriculum in Nebraska was Go Fish's We Kick it Old School. The kids loved it. Even I liked it and thus it seemed like it was indeed music you could listen to and enjoy with your kids, like they say (actually they say, "Great music for kids that won't drive parents bonkers!"). So I downloaded it. However, after about the hundredth time listening to the same 10 songs, you get a *little* tired of it and the kids never ever do. I pretty much will not let them listen to Go Fish if I'm with them (not b/c the music is no good and i detest it, but b/c i'm just so tired of it.). Our compromise is that they get to have the ipod and computer in their rooms for quiet time and enjoy the fish guys there.

So funny enough, our church here chose a Go Fish curriculum this year - this time it was Praise, not that I would have minded the same one again (it was good). The kids had a fantastic week at VBS and were super excited that Go Fish was going to be in the Hills just about a week later! So we bought our tickets and arranged my dad to babysit Samuel b/c everything is more fun without a cranky toddler (mom was at the fair). Unfortunately, dad hurt his back and Samuel ruptured his ear drum from a cold backing up to his ears. So Daddy took Noah and Evie to Go Fish and I stayed home with Samuel and watched Harry Potter and went for a run - a win/win situation!

Here is the old fashioned firetruck that took them to the back of the KOA for the concert.

Evie is in the center with Eli who looks to be showing her how to pick up confetti. Apparently, Evie spent the entire concert picking up confetti and giving it to complete strangers - kids and adults alike. Though Terry said Eli's little sister Ali showed her how to do it. Yes, Evie is much more social than Noah, who just kinda stood around and listened, bouncing in his unique dancing way. As soon as Evie arrived in the crowd, she paid no attention whatsoever to the band she liked so much but craned her neck for friends. Once she found them she never looked back. She did the same thing at The Waterslides the day before - befriended a 6 year old girl and played with her forever.

Silly boy.

Noah's up there bouncing away

The concert wasn't all that long (a hour?) but they didn't come home til well after bedtime b/c there was so much to do. A friend, Marcus said this KOA was no campground. It's a resort. Talk about kid heaven. There were inflatables galore and play grounds and pools and more. Here Evie is getting started bouncing.

I love this. The girl didn't want to use her hands for some reason.

Wizard's Chess! Well, almost...

Terry and Noah played a full game and Evie organized the pieces on the side of the board. They had such a good time.

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