Tuesday, August 21, 2012

miscellaneous summer

Summer is almost over. I finally bought some home school curriculum yesterday so our free mornings will soon be coming to an end. I've neglected some of our photos so here they are, in chronological order of course (because i'm completely OCD like that).

July 20 Terry took the kids bowling because they were having a kids bowl free summer deal. Twas a good thing to do when it was 100 degrees outside.

Chuck that ball Noah!

Granny shot :D

Noah almost caught Daddy!

The first week we were in our new house a turkey family wandered into our yard through a small gap in our fence (which i'm very surprised snap hasn't found yet). I felt bad for the little buggers when their mama left them and they were frantically searching the fence for an outlet. I whined so much that Terry went out to help it out and it up and flew away. Lazy turkeys!

Samuel has watched us play baseball with the older two enough that he's got the general idea...with the bat upside down and a soggy overnight diaper still on.

Playing on the long-lost-in-storage play set.

Who needs a swimsuit when it's almost bedtime anyway?

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