Thursday, August 30, 2012

good bye high chair

I just moved Samuel over to the real table with the rest of us. He's so pleased about it too.
He was getting pretty unhappy in his high chair. Though his little wooden kids chair that matches the rest of the dining room set (we bought them unfinished and i finished them) doesn't have restraints, he's less likely to abandon ship since he's happier to be closer to the rest of us. He wants to do everything like big brother and sister after all. He prefers to feed himself too, which I am more than okay with. Plus, there's more room in our small dining room this way!


  1. Yes! Noah recently got moved, too - he abandons ship quite often. I love your little chair, by the way!

    1. thanks! we love the chairs too (we have two of them). i got them unfinished and did them to match the table. they have been broken a few times though :/