Wednesday, August 29, 2012

first day of school - 2012/2013

Today was our official first day of home school! Noah is a 7 year old 1st grader and Evie is a 4 year old preschooler. I decided on My Father's World curriculum as opposed to Sonlight which I did the last 2 years with Noah. I think it'll be good - more laid back than before though I might have to tweak some things. Any preschool ideas out there??

The books arrived Monday evening and I spent yesterday reading all the instructions and getting our school room ready. The kids played with blocks which, coincidentally, is in the math lesson plan.

So here they are in the school room side of downstairs. Thanks to my sister Stephanie for letting me borrow her beautiful paintings. I still have to figure out where to put them...along with all the rest of my photos. Wanna come and help me Steph?!

Today was interesting. Every time I'd go to explain something, Samuel would loudly demand to get into my lap or cry or tear books from shelves or eat a pencil or any number of other distracting things. Ug. So I set up his playpen in the laundry room for him to go into when he's naughty. So he might spent all of our school hours in there. That's a joke people! Mostly... Hopefully it'll be a good year (once i figure things out...if i ever do!).
( I know I said on facebook that Monday was our first day of school, but it didn't really turn out that way. The curriculum didn't arrive until that evening and I had to take the kids to get free JCPenney haircuts. We did do some reading and writing though! )


  1. Blessings to you guys for this school year! I'm hoping to start some basic preschool stuff with Abigail this year and then she'll be 4 by next school year. Please pass along any preschool ideas you find! I just asked my sister-in-law who teaches preschool for suggestions, so I'll pass along what I learn. Wish I had a schoolroom space like you do! Not sure how to set up space to do school in our tiny house. We'll have to be creative.

  2. We started today too...and almost did MFW. Our closest homeschooling friends in Sioux Falls use it, and really like it. I think Addie and Evelyn will be my biggest homeschooling challenges!
    Keep me posted with how it is going!