Thursday, August 30, 2012

school: clay pots

I hope you're not too tired of school posts since this is the second one and yesterday was only our first day of school! Oh well.

I had a little break-down last night after looking at a homeschool blog for preschool ideas. It made me feel like a sorry excuse for a teacher who can't get her stuff together and is not creative enough to be doing this in the first place. But the project me and the kids did today made me feel a little better (that and Terry repeating to me all the reassuring things i needed to hear, i.e. "you're not an idiot Eva. you're doing good.", etc.).

So we're talking about the Bible and how it was originally written in scrolls which they stored in clay pots. We are working on our own scroll and today we made clay pots to store them in.

Cornstarch, salt, flour and colored water. Noah was disappointed the color turned out pink but trying to add more only made the dough slippery. I added more flour and that seemed to work. Noah and Evie are attempting to press down into the round balls of dough they rolled up and make a pot. It didn't work so good - more of a bowl.

The little squishy preferred just to squish her dough.

I came up with the idea of putting the dough around a glass. At least the dough holds it shape this way, even though we may never get the glass back again after it dries.

I put their names on their pots and set them in the sun to dry. I might have to do another post about getting the glasses out because that might be more interesting. Or they can just drink out of old school clay pots!

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