Monday, May 19, 2014

Ezra's nicknames

I've been wanting to record Ezra's nicknames for ages and am finally getting to it. After a quick blog search I realized that around this exact same age with Samuel I wrote a post about Samuel's nick names. Mostly now a days Samuel is called Somuel with a short "o." Evie came up with that when he was little and it didn't make it into the above post. 

And again, Evie was the one to give Ezra his most often used nickname: Doob. Dooba. Or Dooba Doo. Even Samuel calls him that (a couple days ago I caught Samuel helping Ezra down the stairs and saying "Doob, doob." it was so cute.). Anyway, the nickname is from a song in Star Wars, Return of the Jedi. It's what the Ewoks are singing as they are preparing to sacrifice Han, Chewie and Luke in honor of C3P0. We often sing to him "Dooba Dooba Dooba. Ezra is a Dooba. Doo-ba, doo, badoo, badoo." Noah and Evie would sing that to him in the car if he was getting cranky, louder and more silly the more upset he was. I found the exact clip on youtube!

So perhaps Ezra ought to be an Ewok on the back of my van like Samuel... For now he is Yoda because he's quiet(er), has less hair and seems far.

The next most frequent nickname came from my baby talk, "Ezwah." I call him that all the time. Also, when I get him up from bed, I always call him Oompa Loompa.

He's also Ez and occasionally Ezzy. Or Little Ez and Da Ez. Terry likes to call him Chubba Lubba since he's our chubbiest baby. And I guess that's it! He's mostly a Doob though, especially to the kids.

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