Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 awana awards

This years Awana Awards on May 7th was pretty straight forward... Except for when Ezra knocked over and broke a heavy wooden offering box and scared the bajeezes out of everyone there, especially me. It sounded like a gun went off. And Pastor Dave was right behind me when it happened. Oofdah. Guess Ezra will be taking over Samuel's title of Destroyer Baby.

Anyway, here's the best photo I had of Evie's Sparkies group. Unfortunately, she's no where to be seen. I have no idea where she went! She did fantastic this year though. Her Awana leader told me how Evie is always so excited to say her verse and is so cheerful. That's Evie. Full of life and light and gooseyness (I'm making up lots of words for this post).

And here's Noah in his Truth and Training group. He's on the second step with no one in front of him. He also did very well this year, completing his book and all. He is one amazing memorizer!

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