Thursday, May 8, 2014

Noah and Evie's swim birthday party

Noah and Evie had been asking for a friend birthday party. We'd never done one before because I'm kind of lazy like that. For the first time I thought, "Sure, why not." So we rented the Swim Center's party room on April 26th for two and a half hours and invited six friends - sibling pairs with three for each. Noah chose Jack, Asher and Eli. Evie chose Elle, Mia and Aly. 

After swimming for an hour, everyone came back in for multiple pieces of cake and dippin' dots ice cream. "This is ice cream?! I don't like it." Hence the multiple pieces of cake.

Gift time!

 The kids made many, many laps floating along the river. Mia, Aly, Evie, Asher and Elle.

Our one rule was that no one was allowed to be left out. I think they did their best and I hope no one's feelings were hurt, but sometimes they got separated. Here's Evie, Eli and Noah who were playing on the slide.

Mia, crazy Evie and Asher carrying Elle. 

Watch out kids! That Terry is a scary one. 

Evie went down the slide mostly because Aly was doing it. I think she was still a little short for it...

The boys - Noah, Jack and Asher. Missing Eli somewhere.

After two hours of swimming they still didn't want to be done but our time was up! I snapped a few shots of the whole group before we left. Noah and Evie had a fantastic time and I'm glad we did it. But once every five years or more is probably enough for me!

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