Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ezra outgrows his car seat

Ezra is almost one year old folks. May 31st is only days away.

 I'm always cognizant of the fact that the first year goes very quickly, but still it surprises me. Every day I look at him and pick him up and wonder how he can be so big. He's huge.

He should still be this big.

But he's this big. For goodness sakes!!!

Last weekend I cleaned out our van and all the cars eats and switched them around. Noah is big enough not to be in a booster. Evie is in a backless booster. I bought Samuel a backless booster since it was cheaper but turns out it was too big. So I added Evie's old back to it (shhhh, it doesn't really have pink flowers on it..). And Ezra got moved up to Samuel's old car seat facing forward. So sad.
On our way to church the weekend before last.

And for fun, here are the posts I have about my kids switching car seats: 
And I'm sad I don't have a post about Samuel.

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