Tuesday, May 27, 2014

first mow 2014

Noah likes to take pictures while Terry mows for some reason. Thankfully this time (a couple weeks ago) he didn't take hundreds of photos and there were a few fun ones. He loves it when his photos make the blog :)

Here's freshly home groomed Snap dog. 

 On this day Terry was bummed he couldn't weed whack. His weed eater was broken on so many levels. But when he was at the dump a few days later, he found the same weed eater as ours for like $2.39 and was able to fix it up!

Samuel was pretty psyched about the mowing I guess. Pay no attention to the Christmas Star Wars snow flakes still hanging in my window... 

This was my facebook cover photo for a couple weeks. Pretty good for a nine year old! 

Our poor tree. We have another one just like this as a result of Atlas. :( 

Goosey girl. 

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