Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nathan and Ana's announcement

The day after Easter I got together with my brother Nathan and his wife Ana for a special project of theirs: A pregnancy announcement photo! Ana found an idea on pinterest of a dog wearing a chalkboard with the baby news. She asked me to take the photo for them with their cute Goldendoodle Brodie. I was honored! And since she's already posted her choice photo from like 200, I thought I'd share some others for fun.

After dinner that night Terry, the kids and I headed to Canyon Lake Park. While Nathan, Ana and I were off taking pictures, Terry and the kids played at slide. The first place we tried was in what little sunlight remained in the park, on the bridge. Too many shadows. Plus it took me a while to figure out what kind of shot they wanted.

Nathan wanted to try in front of this fireplace.

Then we tried in front of a tree. 

Then we went down to the lakeside and I figured out they wanted a shot focused on Brodie, not on them. I like this one. 

Next we went down the sidewalk to a lakeside porch. The sun had just gone behind the hills and created a nice light. I liked this one too.  

Brodie appears to want to hide from the news. 

My skinny brother has nearly non-existant body fat and yet here is his imitation of pregnancy. Nice try. 

Finally we stood on the brick sidewalk and got a winner. This is the photo Ana went with.  

Brodie is a big baby. 

It was such a pretty spring night. 

Silly Ana. I like her. 

And... me. 

After the brick photos we were done and headed over to where Terry and the kids were. 

Fun uncle. 

He's got his hands full.

They had lots of sand in their clothes. Yay! 

Don't fall in Samuel. I have nightmares of this park for good reason

Swinging Ezra. And time to go to bed. What a fun night it was! 

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