Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Star Wars Six Pack

I finally got around to installing one of my Christmas presents to decorate the large round caboose of my van: Star Wars family decals. Of course, the van had to be washed clean of the winter road chemicals first. Terry and the kids were nice enough to do that on a day that was finally above freezing. So now if you see this van cruising around Rapid, you'll know who's behind the wheel. 

 Terry is Han Salo because he has to end up with Leia. We also thought Obi Won Kenobi would be cool. But Han Solo is so much dreamier.

I am Big Leia, because she's awesome and I'm kind of bossy like her. In the future I can be Slave Leia! Or not...

Noah is Little Luke. Of course, that means Anakin to him. Darn new Star Wars.

Evie is the Little Leia. She insists that she is really Padme though. Ug. The new Star Wars has ruined everything!

Samuel was a tough one. He could have either been a Jawa with a gun and belt or an Ewok. We felt that Samuel fit both characters. Can't you just see him in a little Ewok costume dumping out Leia's stuff and leading her around by the hand, beating up Storm Troopers and yelling unintelligible nonsense? But I could also envision him in a Jawa costume shooting stuff and going "What?!" when questioned about his questionable business dealings. In the end I cut off the gun from the Jawa and added it to the Ewok. I mean, come on, Samuel has to have a weapon! And the fact that he's the only child with a gun seems perfect. The little "scoundrel" is clearly Han Solo's son. Ha! It fits him well and makes me smile.  

And finally, little Ezra is Yoda. Terry described him as quiet and wise. I pointed out the baldness.

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