Thursday, March 5, 2015

thumb sucking requirements

Last week before book study, Terry was reading a new Bible to the kids. Ezra has recently gotten into being read to, so he climbed up there with his two blankets, got comfortable, and popped his thumb into his mouth.

Ezzie loves his afghans. He won't suck his thumb without one. I have a one afghan designated specifically for bedtime (the one my mom crocheted just for him), but he there are several others he carries around. The two he has here are the circle afghan my sister made for him (he also drags around the blankets Steph made for Samuel and Evie). But the other blue one he's got with his thumb is actually a sweater my mom made for Evie's 5th birthday. She wore it a couple weeks ago and left it out in the living room. Ezra picked it up and popped his thumb in his mouth. That sweater has been his go-to thumb sucking crocheted item ever since. Though he has been known to carry all three blankets around at once.

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