Tuesday, March 10, 2015

monday nights

For the last three years during the second semester, Terry leads a youth group book study at our house on Monday nights. The first year he did this we read C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity. Last year we did God's Not Dead. This year it's Cold-Case Christianity. I've listed to J. Warner Wallace on Greg Koukl's podcast Stand to Reason (I listen to it all the time while I cooking and love it). The book is very good and I can't wait to get further into it. 

The kids took these pictures the same night Ezra and Samuel had a sword battle and Terry read a new book to the kids. Obviously, Terry gets very excited to have students over... 

Noah sporting a double chin. 

The kids love Monday nights because they get to eat a little junk food and hang out with cool students. Here's Ezzie getting his Cheetoh cheese on. 

The number one thing I hear against homeschooling is "socialization." Well, our kids get socialized on Mondays at book study and 4H, Tuesdays at piano, Wednesdays at Awana, and every minute of the day because it's not like they're ever alone here. And if we didn't homeschool, the kids would see hardly any of their dad since his hours are all wacky and demanding. It's nice we can take Fridays off with him and work around when he's able to be home. Like Monday nights for example. The kids love hanging out with the big kids. Noah would not stop talking off everyone's ears last night about Big Hero Six.
"Noah, take my picture!"

We've never taken any photos of a Monday night so I thought I would. Unfortunately I forgot to grab the camera until after all the serious reading and studying was done, so all I caught was a few minutes of wii tennis at the end. Go Natasha!

Fun times.

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