Sunday, March 22, 2015

school update

Earlier this month Noah reminded that I had been neglecting doing something with Evie that I had done with him - a reading binder with narration/summarizations. But really, I had wanted to do this with her so we got right down to it. She made her own binder cover that I thought was rather cute...

It's us! Can you guess who is who? The way she distinguishes between us cracks me up.
Evie is the one reading of course. I'm wearing purple pants. Samuel is the one with the hair and the big mouth. Hehehe :D. Noah is next with the combover. And check out little Ez. She captured his personality pretty well - the little grump. When he yells, it's more like a screech and he sounds like a Nazgul. Or a velociraptor. And finally, Terry is the last and smallest person with that hair that sticks up in the back. Haha.

She made a ton of spelling mistakes (which have been corrected) but here is her first summary (aka narration). I was rather impressed.

I also got a kick out of this story she made up for her grammar lesson. Every since the first day of March she's been counting down to her birthday - March 31st so she's had a lot of days to count. 

Noah has been sort of between grades for a couple years. We are going to catch up to finish 4th grade this year no matter what, darn it! He's already half way through his 4th grade math and now we have to work on finishing grammar. We only just finished the 3rd grade book so we will have to go into the summer a bit. Oh well.

We do have one less thing to do every day though - Latin. We finally finished the introduction course we began nearly two years ago. We will wait until next year to start more though :)

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