Tuesday, March 10, 2015

donuts, starbucks and fun

Two weeks ago on the 24th of February, it was such a lovely day that when I picked up Samuel from preschool I took all the kids out for some fun.
see Ezra at the top of the slide? i didn't know he was up there, the quick little punk.

They got some donuts...

...and I got some Starbucks. I'm telling you, this is one of the great things about homeschooling. We just dropped everything and went to the park to have fun. We worked on school an hour later and got it done no problem. We wouldn't have stayed longer but Samuel had a bathroom emergency... 

After lunch for recess, the kids were in the backyard having fun. Evie was improvising a way to roll down the hill along with Samuel and his Strider. I like how he holds his legs up and out. And you can't even tell what Evie is sitting on, but she did roll down...

She was sitting on that little lawn mower toy! I thought it was quite genius and funny. It reminded me of these adorable pictures of Noah using that mower when he was only three. 

Evie is full of life :D 

Evie took a few pictures. Here's Noah in the fort. 

And Samuel about to go down the slide. 

And I LOVE this selfie. 

She even took a picture of mommy reading on the deck. It was a little chilly for me! 

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