Sunday, March 22, 2015

LOTR indoctrination

If you live under a rock and don't know me well at all (jk, jk), it will be news to you that I adore The Lord of the Rings. Love love love it. I devoured them for the first time in college. They were what I talked to Terry about the first time we hung out. I've listened to them countless times since Terry bought me the cd's and I later downloaded them into itunes (okay, perhaps it's not countless, but it's more than ten). Enough said? I seriously love them. 

I decided it's about time I started indoctrinating my children in the wise path of LOTR. Therefore, every lunch time we listen to the books while we eat. Here they are listening to the propaganda. 

I've only recently instated this brainwashing discipline. Sometime during this last winter we watched The Hobbit movies (except the final one) with the older kids. They liked them. So naturally that led to watching The Lord of the Rings movie series. They liked those as well. Score! So as much I would have liked to force them to read the books before they were allowed to watch the movie, we've done it the opposite way. But I'm hoping this will help my kids to understand it more, and to connect with the characters and plot in a deeper way. Yet another reason to love homeschooling.

This is all thanks to Terry and I's Christmas gift to ourselves - a new wireless speaker. We've never had a half descent one so this was a huge step up for us. It sounds great and I can turn it up loud. :)

I've recently sat down and started actually reading a physical copy of Fellowship and I just love it. I haven't done it forever and it's so much more profound than when I listen. I'm a good reader and a better visual learner. And I'm getting so much more out of it than whenever the last time I read it. I can appreciate the beauty of his language so much more now. Tolkien was a genius!
Can I get this as a wallpaper please?

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