Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lower Spring Creek hike

The weekend after the Fall Retreat, I somehow convinced Terry to take us out for a hike. Perhaps it was because the hike I went on at the Fall Retreat reminded me of the fact that we don't get out there enough. I love the Black Hills! It's just getting four kids out the door and loaded into the van is rather difficult and stressful. But it's worth it. We had a great time. 

Terry carried Ezra for the first half.

We did the Lower Spring Creek Hike, which hooks up to the Flume Trail we did last summer. The only problem was when we came to the first bridge, it was moved to the side and we couldn't cross the creek! I learned from some friends that the bridges had either been moved or washed away because of the large amount of rain that flooded the creek in early summer - the bridge was moved parallel to the creek so it seemed like it was done on purpose. So, our hike was kept short but we still had a nice time. I ventured beyond the bridge to see if I could cross over those downed trees. I could only make it to the middle of the creek on this island. It was beautiful. Looking to the week up the creek...

 ...and to the east, down the creek. I submitted this photo, the previous one, and one of Terry and Ezra to a Black Hills facebook group that publishes fan photos every week. 

Me on a little island.

Here are our minions on the bridge. We literally had to hold Evie back from jumping into the water and crossing. She's our outdoorsy one.  

And a silly shot :) 

Since we couldn't go any farther, we turned around and meandered around a bit. The kids climbed some stuff. 

Ezra needed help getting up and down. Next year we won't need that baby back pack. Yay!

 Looking down stream.

I like how the plants inside the water stay green all year. 

This was the other photo I submitted. It was a gorgeous afternoon for mid November.  

My sister always takes photos of her feet amongst rocks and sand when she hikes so I thought I'd do the same. I love living here! Being out in the Hills makes me feel so much more alive and happy.  I'm one of those people who feels nearer to God when I'm out in His creation. I wish I did it every week.  

 The lichen on this rock was bright lime green. It was so cool.

When we stopped to throw rocks into the creek, Evie had a tummy ache. She did not want me to take her photo but I just loved her freckles and pretty face. Awwww, poor baby girl. She was better after only five minutes of rest. 

Terry's view of us waiting out Evie's tummy ache.

 Throwing rocks. Boys just need to do it.

Samuel had to get as close to possible. And then Noah's rocks kept splashing him. 

King of the mountain. This kind of reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow arriving at Port Royal. Ha ha. 

My turn over the water.

Ezra after he threw a rock. 

Nearly back to the parking area. 

We didn't want to go home yet so we stayed by the creek playing more. 

Evie and Samuel were "rowing" their own "ship." 

Cute Ezzie. Soon I won't have any little people and it'll be sad. Therefore I squish this one a lot. 

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