Monday, December 28, 2015

littles at war and play

It can be the best of times for Samuel and Ezra or the worst of times. Either way, emotions run high. I'm hopeful it'll all work out in the end, but in the meantime, they can fight quite a bit. Think flying fists and yelling. Or they will play like best friends. Ezra doesn't know what to do with himself when Samuel's not around. Here they are dressed up together.

After they dressed up the two of them went outside to play. Good little mower Ezra.

The kids like to roll down this little hill in the back corner of our yard. 

Uh oh. War time. Ezra wants a turn and Samuel doesn't want to share. Ezra looks back at me for support

Samuel shakes him off and Ezra cries crocodile tears. While I take pictures. 

I told Samuel to give Ezra a turn and he did his best to pull him up the hill.  

Until he fell over... 

He picked him up though! I love Ezra's little boots sticking out.

Up he gets.

Good boy Samuel! 

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