Thursday, January 3, 2013

the many faces family

Since I've poked fun at my three kids, Noah, Evie and Samuel, I thought it was only fair to put up some of the other photos that came out of Christmas 2012. Just remember something I read on Pinterest or somewhere: You are strongest if you can laugh at yourself...or you have more fun that way...or something. 

Don't worry. I'll start with myself. Just as a refresher, here's what I generally look like. Not bad here either since I actually have makeup on... 

... However, the makeup ain't helping me out one bit here. Yikes. Trust me folks, this is the worst one. And I'm laughing. Therefore, I'm the strongest ;P

My dear dear husband was ever so excited about my gift to him. Well, he was quite pleased with the new Bible I got him.

Okay, perhaps my brother's photo is funnier than mine... It's a toss up. He looks quite...happy...about the Disney Princess dolls Evie just forced him to hold. A little too happy.

And here's my dad with his impressive mustache. Mustaches are very popular now-a-days so he should feel extra special.

My mom was laughing about...the new towels I got her? I don't know. She's laughing. And mom, I could have put up a much of you so don't be mad. :)

My mother in law is very excited about her new work shoes. But really she was!

Terry's dad. I can't make a joke about him. He's a good lookin fella!

Cousin Baby Grace wins with this one though right?!

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  1. Great photos....I especially like the last one. : )