Wednesday, January 23, 2013

it's a...

Hence the blue color I added.

We had our 20 week ultrasound on January 10, 2013. We even took Evie and Noah along because we thought thought would enjoy seeing the "moving pictures" of the baby inside mommy (of course little Samuel couldn't come because he's the destroyer baby). 

Evie had been so sure that she was going to have a baby sister. From the very beginning when we told her about the baby, she'd say things like "When my baby sister gets here...," etc. So we started to think, maybe, perhaps she was right. Really, I was feeling pretty sure that we were going to have a girl. But as time went on, this pregnancy began feeling and looking like Noah and Samuel's and not Evie's. So I began to prepare myself for finding out it was not a girl. And that's just what we found out. The ultrasound tech said she was 99% sure and printed us off a photo that leaves no doubt. 

So, this 6 pack is going to be heavy on the boy side! Hopefully he's not as rascally as he looks (the tech said that wasn't his tongue. perhaps he's just very friendly and was waving to us all!).