Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 family Christmases

It was great to be with family for Christmas after missing out on it for the last two years. We were only missing Stephanie and Steve. :(

After our own Christmas morning we headed to my parent's house for Christmas dinner and presents with them. To pass the time Noah took on my brother, Nathan, in chess. Nathan was whooped pretty quick since Noah had a 6 week chess club under his belt and has gotten really good. This magnetic travel set was given to him by his teacher. Terry is going to take over the club this semester!

One of Samuel's first gifts, observed closely by his brother and sister. They wanted so badly to "help" him unwrap things.

Serving platter from my mom.


The following day we headed out to the ranch for Christmas with Terry's family. His mom found these adorable tiny stockings for the kids.

Noah and baby cousin Grace received their first cell phones... Gotta hook them in early to the matrix.

Terry's family!

From Snap and Samuel's perch on the back of the couch, you can see we had a white Christmas. It was too cold for sledding though. We did that the following weekend.

Bumblebee! It only took Noah a day to figure out the complicated steps to transform him.

We played Rook while Grampa helped Evie with the preschool games on Samuel's phone.

Cousins only 2 days apart. They are so cute together. Grace has always been bigger than Samuel but he  has finally passed her in height. In verbal abilities, she has far, far surpassed him though. 

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