Wednesday, December 28, 2016

bringing the Chrysler home

Two days after Thanksgiving, after we finished decorating the tree and had a quick lunch, we headed back out to the ranch with a new fuel pump for the 1977 Chrysler New Yorker we had been working on. Since it didn't want to start without dumping fuel in the carburetor, our hypothesis was that it wasn't receiving enough gas. Once the fuel pump was installed the car fired right up. But when Terry attempted to move it backwards out of the garage, it died and was difficult to restart. They finally got it started, and since it was supposed to snow the next day, this was our last chance (for a while) to move it home. Yes, I haven't mentioned that we bought Terry's great grandma's 1977 Chrysler New Yorker. Terry drove it home that afternoon.

What a good lookin boat. He even drove it on the interstate and it did fine, though it had no heat.

We put it in the garage for the first week so Terry could work on cleaning it.  

It's longer than the Envoy so we lost space at the front of the garage. Terry removed the back bench seat and completed vacuumed and shampooed the carpet throughout. Afterwards he put various product on the carpets to refresh them. It smells quite bad. Not sure if it's due to old moth balls or from mice...or both. The next thing to be done is to take the dash apart to search the vents for dead mice and the source of why the fan (and heat) won't work. Probably some time in the spring it might need professionally detailed to see if they can take out the smell.  

On Christmas Eve Terry and I drove the Chrysler to the church as a test and to give it a work out. Terry had drove it around the block the day before with Nathan but he wanted to try a farther drive (40 minutes). We stopped on the way and picked up David, who Terry has told all about the car, and he accompanied us to the church. The car did great aside from dying at the top of 5th street once, but at least it started again. As I said before, there is no power to the front panel so there was no heat. Also there was some sort of mysterious gas coming out of the defrost vents. Hope we don't all get cancer. We were glad to have David sitting with us in the front seat to keep us warm. Ha!

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