Wednesday, November 2, 2016

a full Saturday

Two weekends ago we just needed to get away after a morning of meetings and work on a long project. Hikes and drives can be so labor intensive to plan and prepare for six people, especially for somewhere new. That's why it's fun to be able to drive out to the ranch, visit Terry's folks, get some fresh air under the sun (hopefully), maybe work on a project, ride the four wheelers or the roller coaster, and to just get away from it all. 

Samuel had been asking over and over and over to ride the roller coaster. So that's what we did first. 

Next we loaded onto Jerry's truck and drove down to great gramma's house.

We got the Chrysler New Yorker started and drove it up to the house to work on it.

Alice and I sat around watching the guys work while we visited. It was such a warm day for October 22 with a high of nearly 80 I think!
Girlie got the royal treatment - she deserved it since she's 17 and getting pretty deaf.

I stepped over to the car to see how the guys were getting along and was shocked when I turned around to see the comparative heights between Alice and Noah. HE'S AS TALL AS HER!!! He's as tall as his gramma and he's only 11 years old :D

The kids got hold of my camera...  

Faces of glasses. 

Even though it's blurry I love this shot of Samuel's happy face that one of the olders captured. 

Jerry and Terry got the oil changed and after the engine finally quit dying, we went for a couple loops up and down the gravel road. It's more fun in the back!

We parked it back at great gramma's when our joy ride was done. Such pretty leaves coupled with great grampa's old truck. 

Loved those yellow cottonwood leaves in front of our old trailer. 

Bad picture, but it was still fun riding on the top of the truck bed on our way back to the house. 

Blurry shot of the side of those trees as we were zooming past. 

Terry's grampa's land. 

I snapped this as we were walking inside - it looked alive with those "eye" headlights. 

 We had an impromtu dinner of spaghetti thanks to Alice' quick work and then headed out so I could go to the symphony with Katie. We left at sunset and although there wasn't much in the west to see, the color on the eastern horizon behind us was pretty beautiful.

That tall flat hill in the distance is where we took a four wheeler ride and family pictures back in August

We made it home with plenty of time for me to go to the symphony with Katie and her mom Dixie. It was quite enjoyable but really, it made me miss playing in band! I wish I hadn't sold my clarinet.

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