Wednesday, November 9, 2016

a second platform storage bed

Terry's sister made a special request of Terry a couple months ago, after he finished our night stands. She asked him to make them a platform storage bed frame like the one he made us two years ago. About a month or so later, at the beginning of October, he took the plunge and got to work. After one weekend of work he had the frame complete. 
Samuel randomly hopped up and posed like this when Terry was taking a picture to send to Shari and Jesse. Ha! 

The following weekend was spent on finishing the drawers, trim and a lot of other little things.

The third weekend was spent sanding, cleaning, staining, and finishing. Oof! This project took a lot more time than we remembered but it did go together with fewer mistakes.

It was hard to tell what it would look like once it was all put together. 

I sent these pictures to Shari and Jesse to make sure they were happy with the color they chose. They were! 

The day before Halloween, after the wood had cured for nearly 48 hours, Jesse came and helped load and set up the bed at their house. 

Boom baby!