Monday, November 7, 2016

old family photos

A couple weeks ago when I posted all the beautiful photos Paige took for us, I asserted that it was the first time we'd been professionally photographed since Noah was about 18 months old. I was remembering these JCPenney studio pictures from Christmas 2006. 

After I wrote that post, I went back and searched through our old photos to make sure I was correct. It was so fun remembering that I scanned the photos into the computer to share on the blog. Look how cute Noah was! He's eleven and a half now and as tall as his Gramma

We bought this print but never hung it on the wall so it's possible some family hasn't even seen it.

Rewind a year and these are the absolute first family photos of us, again from JCP. I told you I wasn't good as coordinating outfits! Eesh...

Chubby eight month old Noah! 

In 2009, Terry's folks wanted some updated family photos during our visit home, around Christmas. Shari and Jesse were newlyweds as of July that year, Noah was 4 and Evie was 1, but both were almost 5 and 2.

How young we all were! I wish I was still that thin. Samuel and Ezra did me in ;) 

THEY'RE SO CUTE! Completely adorable. 

While looking through all our photos, I realized I had forgotten about this photo taken sometime around 2011 for a MOPS fundraiser. So while we hadn't had photos taken since Noah was a toddler and this added two more kids, I always wanted some brightly lit, crisp outdoor photos. And to try again at coordinating clothes. Ha!

And Paige delivered (and I finally improved)! Once again, thanks a million Paige! 

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