Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween fell on a Monday this year but we were ready for it. 

Two days before we carved the kids' pumpkins that Terry's dad gets them every year. Actually Evie opted for two coats of purple over cutting into hers.

Noah and Evie, are majorly freaked out by pumpkins innards, especially Noah, but Ezra had no qualms with going for it.

Samuel did well too.  

Ezra wanted to also paint his green but started out with a tweeny little brush. 

Samuel's favorite color is red so of course he had to paint his as well.  

Shari, Jesse, and all three of their girls came over about 5:45pm and we were ready to hit the pavement. Here are the kids with each of their respective pumpkins. Samuel was a cowboy. Noah a Rush hockey player. He was so relieved not to have to be anything silly. Ezra was Batman though Terry wore the mask. Evie was Hermione - she carried around a Harry Potter book and a wand for a while before her arm got tired.

The whole group of cousins minus Rebekah who Shari was carrying. 
Noah, Evie, Samuel, Grace, Ezra, and Sarah

Hitting up our neighbor two doors down. We walked for two miles!

Two doors up had the most impressive pumpkin display. They even grew them all themselves!

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