Friday, September 30, 2016

Nice Note Day

One Wednesday nearly a month ago Evie decided that September 7th would hence forth be known as Nice Note Day. She harassed her brothers into getting on board with this idea. The two littles are easy to manipulate since they already think every idea of Evie's is great, but Noah was not interested. She wanted to get started on these notes straight away, but we still had to finish school for the day. Before, during, and after school she worked on these notes. She helped Ezra to turn his "coloring" into a folded card for me. She made notes for everyone else. 

However, the crown jewel, as it appeared to me, was the book she made for Daddy.
I helped her put it together but that's all I did.

"You are so fun!" "ROAR!!!!!"

"mm delicius!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!"
"Good Job Keep Going so far so good!" "Ok! Ok! I know! you can stop!!! You're fun!"

"OK you can let Go now!!" "By! Sqeeze!" 
"hey! lets play tag!!!" "OK!!!"

"Dad? Whats 10x10??????" "100." 
"Ooh! I'm taking this!" 

"Is it done? not yet"
"the end"

 "look! the fairis wheel!" "mmmm"
"you're turn" "ok"

"Dad? What's the time?" "12:00" 
"thanks for h-elping." "you're welcome."

"suprise!!!" "thank you!!! for the balloons!!!!" 
"X" "x-ray"

"this way" 

"I love you dad" "I do to" 

I don't know where she gets this stuff. She is amazing.

 I don't even know what I was doing at the time, but next Evie took Samuel to a hiding hole and they made these jeweled notes together. Later that afternoon, while the glue was still wet, she presented me with my own note. A jeweled note!

The one on top Evie helped Samuel with. It says simply, "Red". That's his favorite color after all. I don't know where she gets it from because I simply hate crafts. I didn't make any notes and didn't even think about getting one, but she made me the most beautiful little jeweled note. It says, "You are awesome!" We have just the best daughter!

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