Wednesday, September 14, 2016

2nd random August post

I am getting so behind on the blog so it's time for another random post.

One Sunday night we had a bunch of youth over and watched The Force Awakens, otherwise known in our house as The Force Pancakens.

While Jesse and Shari's kitchen was being updated their house was a disaster zone. We dog-sat Sugar while they stayed at a friends house. The first night Sugar was here we could not find her anywhere. Terry and I were freaking out, worried she had ran away somehow, when Terry found in her the last place he checked, Noah's bedroom! Noah had let her in their and helped her into bed. Ha! She refused to leave, even for a snack, which Terry is offering her.

She was quite pathetic ;) 

I dubbed her "Needy Dog."

I discovered that the vine-like plant I had taken to be re-seeded Morning Glories from last year was actually Creeping Jenny. Wish I had known that before I planted it right next to my seedlings in the spring... It had grown all the way up the deck! When I discovered what it was I tore it all out. My Morning Glories are growing way better. Go figure... :P

Evie slid these notes under the bathroom door while I was taking a bath one Friday or Saturday morning.  

How sweet is that?!!! 

We discovered a wart infestation on Noah's legs. Long story short: We didn't know he had warts again (long history of them), they spread, we discovered too late the warts were back, the doctor gave us some medication that is helping. 

The morning after the warts were discovered Ezra was drooling copiously and found to have white patches on his tongue. Doctor said it was Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, like Samuel had at 18 months. Yaaaay...

Since the sores were only in his mouth, he survived on liquids (my smoothies) for a few days.

Terry passed out after running a half marathon in training for his half marathon. Geesh Terry! 

I visited my old buddie Katie recovering from surgery in the hospital. 

"We" made, bought, and gave these to Alice, Terry's mom, for her birthday. They are matching cards for a game of Concentration. 

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