Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fair 2016

On the third day of school, Wednesday, August 24, 2016, we went to the Central States Fair with Terry's dad, as has become tradition. When we first moved back in 2012, Jerry surprised me and took Noah and Evie all by himself. In 2013, Jerry and Alice took them together along with Grace. 2014 was the first year Terry and I went along and discovered what great fun it was. Last year we missed because we were on vacation in Kerkhoven with my brother and Ana. This year the six pack was back at it. Plus Grace. :D

The first thing we did was the ferris wheel, however, Ezra and Samuel were terrified.

They were clinging to us and crying and begging to get off. But we just knew that if we held out, they would enjoy themselves. And that's totally what happened! We rode the ferris wheel two or three more times that day at their request. They ended up loving it the most out of anything. Sometimes you have to push through the complaints parents! 

I think we hit just about everything this year. 

Next we went to the carousel. Two years ago Ezra couldn't even hold on all by himself. He's such a big boy now! All potty trained and everything.

Two day apart cousins! 

"This is nothing compared to Grampa's roller coaster!" And it wasn't.

This Condor ride was the one big kid one that Terry rode on. He's not a fan of things that go in circles and at the fair that's all there is. 

Grampa went on the the biggest swing with Noah (he has a yellow shirt and his hands up, on the left). 

I said I could hold up well in spinning rides so I rode along with all the kids on the spinning bears. I regretted it half way through. I guess I'm not as young as I like to think. 

Near the end of the day, Noah and I separated from the rest and rode all the big kid rides. After waiting like 45 minutes we finally got on the big swing. I wasn't about to put my arms in the arm like Noah. 

Back over to the little swing. 

We did the slide all together also. 

I love this moment of panic on Ezra's face. Ha! 

Noah and I went on the biggest, scariest ride twice. This big arm spun you around and then turned you upside down. It was awesome. 

Okay, the little driving vehicles might have tied for favorites with the ferris wheel for these littles. 

Carousel with Daddy. 

Reminded me of two years ago:

Evie waited in line for quite a while to finally ride the smaller swing and then we headed to dinner at Culvers. We were quite starving after four hours at the fair!

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