Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ode to our nightstands, new and old...without the ode

Since Noah got his own room with a big bed (when Evie got her loft), he's not had a nightstand. I guess I didn't really think he needed one but he's been assuring us for weeks that he really does. He was constantly bugging us, annoyingly so. Terry decided Noah could have our old Target nightstands and he would make two new ones. After all, our originals were 12 years old.

Just thinking about those nightstands brought a couple photos back to my mind. My matron on honor, SaraJane, threw me a bridal shower about a month before we got married and my sister, Stephanie, gave me an entire nightstand. I was most impressed. So generous! 
Alice, me, my mom, and the nightstand. Wish I still looked like that :P

A better view of the beautiful nightstand. And my grandma is even sitting in that recliner! Aw! Also, we still use that hamper :D

I think it was my folks who got us a matching nightstand for a wedding gift. Here we are twenty-four hours into our marriage moving into our bedroom with those nightstands.

The window Terry's vacuuming flies from is the far right one below. I took this picture of our first home, when we were staying at the ranch in August while renting our house. It is so fun to remember!

Anyway, Terry brought his nightstand into the garage and sort of duplicated it's design.
I can tell this is the nightstand Stephanie gave us because I remember baby Noah put his teeth into it (top right edge) when we used it as a living room end-table in our second house on the ranch. Remember that Stephanie?!! Ha!!

Terry went for this double drawer idea.

Right after we returned from the ranch, Terry began construction. In fact, I was at work when he took all four kids along to Menards to shop for lumber. He's crazy! But when he starts a project, he just wants it done.

It only took a couple evenings to finish the first one. 

Look at those good looking drawers!  

All done with the first nightstand.  

It only took him about five days to complete them both and then another couple days for me to stain and finish them. 

I used one coat of Ancient Oak, the same as I used on our storage platform bed and our newly refinished table
Terry's nightstand

My nightstand. 

Noah is so happy to have a place for his fish Montana and all the other things that should go on a nightstand. I think it's rather appropriate that he now uses the nightstand that he gnawed on with his baby teeth.

And we are rather pleased with our new nightstands.

Terry did good.

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